5 Awe-Inspiring Experiences in Basel Switzerland

Situated parallel to the Rhine River and only a few minutes away from the border with France and Germany, lies a breathtakingly beautiful city, Basel of Switzerland. Being the perfect clash between historic sites and being the hub of modern culture, Basel should be every traveller’s dream – a city full of fun, entertainment and enthusiasm.

For your comfort, we have for you the perfect guideline for the things to do and the places to witness in Basel, Switzerland!

  1. Go to The Dreiländereck

Also known as the “Three Country Corner”, the Dreiländereck is a strike off a traveller’s bucket list to visit three countries (Germany, France and Switzerland)  in a single day. However, it is best advised to carry your passport as a precaution if you’re not from the EU.

  1. A Dip in The Rhine

If you’re a good swimmer, then do not miss out on taking a dip with the locals in the Rhine. The novelty and the pureness of the whole experience will leave you quite surprised, moreover, the pictures there turn out splendid, so ask a friend to pose as a photographer and click away.

  1. Visit The Alt Stadt

The half a century old City Hall and the Basler Munster Cathedral is breathtaking and fascinating for the eye. You will have to walk on foot there and take in the beauty of it piece by piece.

  1. The Christmas Markets

If you’re visiting Basel during November or December, then walk around the numerous Christmas markets. With the largest market holding about 140 merchants, the whole vibe screams to be festive, beautiful, cultural and pure.

  1. The Roman Ruins

A bonus point of Basel, located only about 20 kilometres away, the Augusta Aurica open-air museum steals the show with shedding light on the Roman roots of Basel, leaving the traveller captivated.