A Rollercoaster Through The Galaxy

In the comfort of our homes, on the big screen in the cinema or even sitting in our rooms on our phones, computers or laptops. The venue of movie watching has just expanded over time and now we no longer have to make long trips to the theatre to see our favourite movies. They are just as easily available online and instead of all your friends making that hefty purchase of a ticket, they can instead drive over to your place and with the right equipment, you can make a long term investment in getting the same theatre viewing experience right in the comfort of your home with your friends and family.

Whether you’re the type that enjoys going to the theatre or prefer to watch alone, streaming sites have made the movie watching experience a lot easier. Sometimes we miss the orientation for our favourite movies in the cinema and if it weren’t for sources such as 123movies, we would be forever out of luck. We don’t get the same experience watching movies that come out on the Tv, they can be interrupted every few minutes by innumerable commercials that don’t end and for every minute of the movie that you do get to watch, it feels like you have to watch twice as many ads and commercials that don’t pique your interest in the slightest.

Theatres usually drown out all other sound so when you go to watch a movie there, you can be sure that you’ll only hear the movie. It’s common courtesy to put your phones on silent since the ring of a text message or a phone call can be very destructive to the atmosphere that the cinema provides you. That being said, movie viewing can be a great pastime.