Dribbling Training

People who play basketball need to be able to do a few things; dribbling is definitely one of the more important things that they need to be able to do. While it is not difficult to pick up basketball as a game, it can be quite difficult becoming good enough to be play competitively. Knowing how to dribble well and dribble past opponents is very important. Your ball handling skills must be great for you to be able to play well. So in this article we will be talking about a few drills you could practice that can help you do well at dribbling while you are playing basketball. These will also generally help you get better with your balance, your speed, and your ball control. You can read out other articles to get the best in basketball training equipment reviews and advice.

So the first type of drill you can run is the beat the chair drill. This one helps you with your balance and quick movements, and will help you when you are going up against a defensive player trying to block you. What you do is you set a chai at any point on the three pointer line and then run towards the chair while dribbling. Pretend the chair is a defending player and try cutting by the side of the chair at the last moment. This will help you with some good cut off moves as well. You can try side steps or you could try 360 degree turns to the side to beat the chair. Then run towards the hoop and try to do a layup. You can even work on lengthening your layup by trying to use as few dribbles as possible after you beat the chair and run by it using a dribble.