Emerald Isle And Its Endless Treasures

If you are anywhere in North Carolina, visiting Emerald Isle should be a must for you because of its beauty and attractions. If you love beaches but not the usual mayhem that comes with it then this isle would be perfect for you. It is said to be the perfect family spot which is why there are so many locals spotted there who visit for life away from cities.

As The Crafty Attic suggests, you can indulge in activities like painting, glass fusion, jewelry designing and more on your trip but if you want to do more, Emerald Isle offers you just that opportunity. We have a whole list of spots for you and if you follow that, your vacation would memorable.

Kite Surfing

If you are all about water sports then you need to try out Carolina kite surfing which will allow you to ride the glorious waves of Emerald Isle. Once you surf the emerald waves, you would not want to get off and do something else because kite surfing is unlike usual water sports. If you want to take a break from it, you can always grab a paddle and relax on it.

Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier

Do you want to have a peaceful day by yourself? Perhaps you want to bond with your kids via an activity? Fishing is the perfect option and you can do it at the pier where you will be able to find washrooms, snack bars and so much more that you or your kids will not get bored.

Woods Park

This park in Emerald Isle is made for all nature lovers. You can get lost in the sweet smell of the trees, sounds of birds chirping and the ground beneath your feet crunching with every step that you take.