Fool’s Paradise

Any soon-to-be building owner wants to know of possible defects in the property that they are interested in investing in. This helps the buyer save thousands in repair and can be used to bring the price down as well. A pre-purchase building inspection report can inform you of things that even the vendor might be unaware of. There are different kinds of inspections that are carried out on buildings and just like the name implies, this is the kind of report that you should focus on getting before you actually settle to buy the property you were interested in.

These reports are written accounts detailing the exact condition of the property itself explaining where building defects can be seen whether they be pest damage or rising damp. New tiling done in a washroom may not have had the foundations built properly like waterproofing and sometimes some new floorboards are a way to cover pest damage or rotting. Sometimes a real estate agent may “conveniently” forget to mention these details, so a building inspection report can be used to bargain the asking price. If the vendor doesn’t know either, then they can’t inform you about possible defects either.

The building inspections Bay of Plenty provides are better than some simple DIY building knowledge that you got out of a construction manual. Unless you’re capable of identifying faults, it’s best to avail a building inspection before you sink a lot of money into the property and then twice that into repairing it. Qualified professionals are more than happy to assist you with these matters. Depending on the kind of property that it is, you may see a different format. Reports can be comprehensive or have a checklist but the point is they get the job done so that you know  what you’re getting into