Here’s How And Why Your Cards Get Trashed

If you’ve been handing out your visiting cad right and left, hoping that someone might actually contact you so that you can do business with them then let us stop you right there. When you’re a working person, you run into a lot of people who will hand you there business cards and you’ll accept them all out of courtesy. However, you’ll keep only a small percentage of them and actually contact an even smaller percentage of them.

That said, it makes sense that even the cards you hand out have the same odds of being kept and used. On this page we’ll give you some reasons why your cards aren’t making it to the recipient’s card books and how metal business cards can help you better your odds of having your cards taken seriously and actually used. Remember, in real life situations, you might only get a few seconds to make an impression so you have to play your cards right (pun not intended).

The Pocket Trap

When you hand someone your card and they put it in their pocket then chances are that they mean to keep it. However, they can also forget the card there and then the card might end up being lost to laundry. If your cards are made of light weight metal, you won’t have this problem.

They Didn’t Think About It

Many times, the reason someone trashes your card the moment you leave is because they didn’t want to have to carry it. If they gave it enough thought, they might have actually decided to contact you. If your card’s made of a sleek metal material then they’re more likely to hold on to it because it would be such a shame to waste such a nice card.