How to Scare Birds Away From Berries Naturally

Keeping birds away from our garden fruit ranks right up there with keeping bugs from eating all our hard-earned vegetables. Last year I shared this organic insect garden spray that works really well on lots of things including basil, beans, cucumbers, and flowering plants like roses and trumpet vines. That has gone over really well with huge shares on social media and Hometalk and lots of people chiming in on the comments on how it worked for them.

So I thought I’d share a much smaller victory I’ve recently had at keeping birds from eating every last one of our berries. It’s super easy, inexpensive, and doesn’t require the netting that makes it hard to harvest and sometimes ensnares animals (readers have told me of not only birds being caught in the netting, but snakes and even a cat got tangled in one).

Our blueberries started ripening earlier than normal this year (along with everything else in our warmer-than-normal spring and summer) and by the time I noticed, the birds had already gotten most of the ripe berries, shown above. I took 10 minutes, ran in to the garden shed to get my best way to scare birds away weapons and set them up.