Listen To It

Vinyl records still go strong despite the popularity of digital media. Being able to carry all thousands of songs worth of music in your pocket has just been so convenient and in use all over the world. So, why is it that such an old and analogous form of music still goes so strong as it does today? Do vinyl records sound better than the digital media we’re so accustomed to using? There is definitely the novelty of music playing off those records by using a sharp needle to scratch the CD and get that tune out into the real world.

We see many villains dressed up in sharp formal attire, play music on their records as they seduce the heroine and that leads the impression that that form of music carries with it. Whether it sounds better or not would have to do with the way analogue and digital music is recorded. Digital music is recorded by capturing snapshots of the analogue form and putting it all together. It takes thousands of snapshots of the analogue format at every second but even with complex algorithms, it’s still impossible for the digital medium to capture the analogue without any loss of accuracy.

That being said, vinyl records will never lose their exact form so they sound better overall. But of course, it isn’t going to be easy to carry around a bunch of these CD’s to your friends house party. Turntables and the like that make use of these CD’s are still in use and are one of the few musical mediums that haven’t been replaced nor likely will be. Cassette players didn’t last very long and now they’re almost inexistent. Purchasing and setting up a turntable can be difficult so check out the guides on to know more.