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For all the methods and manners that one can have for smoking, you have to admit that there’s quite a vast array. We have our regular cigarette, but then we also have smoking bongs, vapes, pipes cigars and many of them are incredibly stylish as well. Electronic vapes swept through the market during their innovation as a perfect way to be able to quit smoking. For those whom smoking was merely a habit, e-nails and the like are fantastic as they can continue their habit without having to smoke addictive nicotine. It also helps those with an addiction cut down little by little.

Each smoker has their own way they want to smoke. Some ways are better than others for them, some require more prep in order to start smoking and some are just budget ways to get things done. One of the most efficient methods to smoke cannabis, hash etc is just to empty out the cigarette and refill it with the mix made but it’s not a very classy way to go about things when you have wholesale spoon pipes that can be quite affordable while also affording you that high that every smoker tries to be a part of.

Pipes can have a few costs right at the start though. There are also various kinds of bongs and a popular type is a water filtering bong that gives you a much fresher inhale so it doesn’t affect your throat as much. Those without a lot of smoking experience can easily hurt their throats by inhaling too much, coughing can be a downright disaster. Once you’re sure you can handle the new input you’ll get from other methods of smoking then you should try to experiment with more new ways to get your own high.