Travelling With Your E-Cigarette

People are generally worried when they have to travel as they are confused whether they can take their e-cigarettes along with them or not. We understand the need to take your own e-cigarette with you rather than buying everything new when you go to your destination. But there are different sets of rules that every airline has when it comes to e-cigarettes.

We think that in every guide to e cigarettes, there should be a small passage about travelling with such a device. We want our readers to know about the basic rules and regulations of travelling with an e-cigarette so that they do not face any problems during their travel. Since travel is not only limited to air travel, let us talk about going via road, ship or train. Good news is that you can take every accessory and component of your e-cigarette when you are travelling via road. Mostly, e-cigarettes and related items are not prohibited aboard trains or ships but it is better to check with the authorities before you pack it in your luggage.

The best advice that we can give you is to always check with the concerned parties and authorities so that you know the rules, no matter your mode of transportation. Mostly, e-cigarettes are not allowed in checked bags i.e. the bags that go in the luggage car or the hold of the plane. You can carry them in your carry-on bag or on your person but we would advise you not to try to hide anything because if you get caught, the consequences can be dire. E-juice is sometimes allowed by some airlines if it is under 100ml and in a clear plastic container. You should know that most airlines have a problem with lithium batteries as they can start a fire.