Untrimmed Tree Branches Are Bad News

As we’ve grown up, we’ve been taught that we depend on trees for a lot of things, including the air we breathe. We’ve also been taught that cutting trees is the worst thing we can do to ourselves as a species. If we’re cutting more trees than we’re planting then obviously this isn’t sustainable and we might drive ourselves into extinction eventually. However, it’s also important to remember that there’s a difference between destroying a tree and trimming it.

Trees often outgrow themselves and in the wild, when this happens, a tree will shed. When trees shed branches that they can’t support the weight of, they will crash to the ground and decompose naturally. In urban areas, a falling branch can potentially kill a person or cause damage to property. It’s hard to be sure if a tree is about to drop a branch but if you see a tree in your area that has a branch that looks like it’s too much for the tree to handle, don’t hesitate to place a call to an Ayrshire tree surgeon.

Unlike ordinary gardeners, tree surgeons are specialised in managing trees that are causing trouble. Of course, this is a task that’s carried out with the intent of saving the tree as well as those living around it. However, in some cases a tree surgeon might even have to safely remove a tree by grinding it to the stump. Even though tree surgeons are pretty much the best lumber jacks out there, in most cases they will avoid having to cut a tree down. By keeping your tree properly cut and trimmed, you’re not only avoiding danger, you’re also helping the tree grow in a healthier direction.