Weight Watchers: Popcorn Edition

If you are currently looking to lose weight regardless of whether it is because of health reasons or because you want to feel good about yourself, you will find that it is really difficult to stay committed to a diet, and you do not have to feel bad about this because you are not alone. Studies have found that people who usually start a diet are more than likely to quit halfway through it. This is not really surprising, and most of the reason behind this is because they are unable to find food healthy snacks or options. If you looking for simple and healthy recipes, you can check out leelalicious.com for their list.

A healthy snack a lot of people end up overlooking is popcorn, and no I am not referring to the popcorn you find in movie theaters or the ones you are supposed to be heating in a microwave. Those have a ton of additives, salt and butter in them, so they are not healthy or good for you by any means. I am however, referring to air popped corn. This happens to be really good for your health, and it does not add to any bad calories either. In fact, even if you somehow manage to consume three cups of popcorn, it will still end up amounting to 93 calories, so 31 calories for a cup of popcorn is actually a really sweet deal.

Another great thing about popcorn is that it is not just a low-calorie snack, it also happens to be full of a lot of nutrients. Studies have found that popcorn happens to have a lot of protein in it, as well as different antioxidants as well. Given that the first time popcorn was used 6000 years ago, maybe our ancestors were really onto something.